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Our Services

We propose a wide range of services, going from bookkeeping to taxation, payroll and auditing. Our IT software programs which we work with on a daily basis consist of the following: GIT Saas, Oracle NetSuite, ERP Abacus.



  • Bookkeeping and Accounting

    Many mid-tier international groups have branches or subsidiaries in Switzerland which have to carry out bookkeeping to comply with both the local requirements and their group information requirements. We supply bookkeeping services and accounting support on our own local or client remote accounting systems. These can be in both English or in French as required. We also can liaise back to group head offices answering queries on local accounting issues and assisting with the correct processing of transactions in multiple currencies. All bookkeeping and accounting services are carried out in Switzerland and are not outsourced.

  • Statutory Reporting

    To enable business in Switzerland to comply with their financial reporting requirements to both local government agencies as well as to group finance departments, a rapid and robust reporting mechanism must be in place able to report financial statements in multiple languages and to different reporting standards. We can supply this service and work with a number of international groups to ensure that they have all the advantages of a local finance department without the costs and obligations involved.

  • Sole trader accounts

    When an individual is registered as being self-employed in Switzerland, he or she has to prepare financial statements to present to both the social security and the taxation authorities. We work with self-employed individuals to prepare accounts that comply with the local authorities in both French and English in accordance with local Swiss GAAP (Generally accepted accounting principles).

  • Budget and Billing Assistance

    Some businesses need local assistance with their billing and budgeting functions. We can provide turnkey billing solutions and carry out the billing process on your behalf including credit collection and aging analyses. Similarly, we can provide support for your budgeting process and subsequent forecast analysis during the course of the year.


Including accounting, bookkeeping, statutory reporting, sole trader accounts, budget and billing

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Payroll & HR

  • Payroll Services

    When an organisation has staff employed there are various obligations that the organisation has to comply with. We can provide a turn-key payroll facility for your business in Switzerland. This includes the registration of the business with the tax at source, social security, pension and accident insurance parties as well as operating a monthly payroll facility with on-going reporting for your internal organisation’s needs as well as to the external government organisations.

  • HR Administration

    Switzerland is not in the EU and non-Swiss citizens have to apply for residency and work permits to be able to come to Switzerland. We can assist individuals in their permit application process and can call upon specialised agencies where an individual has complicated requirements.

    We can also assist with the preparation of employment contracts and provide ongoing HR support for members of staff employed by the company.

In house outplacement services, through Von Rohr & Associates, a tailored solution to help your staff bounce back effectively on the job market.

Payroll & HR

Including payroll services and HR administration.

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Company Taxation

  • Corporation tax declarations

    All business entities in Switzerland need to prepare and send in an annual declaration to the local cantonal tax authorities. Switzerland being a decentralised country, this means that the company will need to file with at least one cantonal tax department. This could be in French, German or Italian, depending upon the location. We can assist in both the preparation and the verification of the corporate taxation declarations as well as assisting in communication with the local taxation authorities to resolve any outstanding issues.


  • Municipal tax declarations

    There are two other local municipal declarations that need to be completed. These are the communal tax declaration (Taxe professionnelle) and the tourist tax declaration.


  • VAT declarations

    Organisations that have revenues in excess of CHF 100,000 in Switzerland need to register with the Swiss federal VAT authorities and make a quarterly declaration of their figures within 60 days from the end of each quarter. We can assist your organisation to register with the VAT authorities and to prepare the quarterly VAT declaration as well as assisting with answering any queries that may arise from the authorities.

Company Taxation

Including corporation tax declarations, municipal tax declarations and VAT declarations

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Corporate Advisory

  • Corporate Administration

    We assist companies or individuals inside and outside Switzerland in the preparation of the debt collection documentation to enable them to collect outstanding invoices. If required, we can also assist in the credit collection process and liaise with the cantonal debt collection department.

    If you need to open a bank account in Switzerland we can provide support to you for the opening of bank accounts the subsequent and preparation of the payment documentation for your day to day commercial operations.

    On a short term basis we can provide clients with fully equipped and supported offices in the heart of Geneva while permanent offices are being looked for, and this includes all facilities plus use of a conference room.

  • Commercial Register Announcements

    In Switzerland, similar to other jurisdictions, companies have to register their corporate details with the Cantonal Commercial Register. We can assist you with this process and ensure your corporate details are correct and up to date.

    Corporate Documents

    We can assist you with the preparation of the necessary corporate documents e.g. AGM minutes and share registers. If required we can also act as the custodian of the corporate documents within our office facility.

  • Directorships

    Any registered organisation in Switzerland, whether a branch or a company, needs to have a local Swiss resident as the resident manager or director. In the short term and subject to normal checks, we can supply someone to fulfil this role until you have local staff available to take over the role.

  • Domiciliation

    In the event that you may require domiciliation services for your entity before you have your own offices, we could supply this service at our offices. This would cover the necessary administrative, postal and taxation domiciliation support and onward transmission as required.

  • Incorporation

    This service is targeted at companies that need to establish a business entity in Switzerland. The benefit is to have access to professionals who have set up numerous structures in Switzerland and therefore are knowledgeable concerning the optimum structure and the process that is needed.

  • Start-up structures

    In case an individual decides to set up his or her own business there are a number of important questions that need to be analysed and decided up front. We assist individuals in their choice of start-up structure i.e. being self-employed or creating a company. We guide clients through the alternatives available and analyse the best approach in the short and medium term taking into account their current personal situation and future plans.

  • Corporate Liquidations

    In the event that a branch or subsidiary is no longer required then we can supply a complete service for the close down of the entity all the way through the cancellation of the entities registration with the cantonal Commercial Register. We can assist as little – or as much – is requir

Corporate Advisory

Including corporate secretarial administration, commercial register announcements, corporate documents, directorships, domiciliation, incorporation, start-up structures and corporate liquidations.

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  • Audit

    Depending upon their size, companies in Switzerland are required to have an audit. This can be either limited scope audits or full scope audits. As an audit firm registered with Expert Suisse (the Swiss Institute of Certified accounts) and with the Federal Audit Oversight Authority of Switzerland (FAOA) we can carry out both types of audits for your company if required.

  • AVS Audit

    Every five years every company is audited by the AVS (social security) authorities. We can act on your behalf with the preparation of the necessary documentation and participate in the AVS audit itself answering and resolving any queries raised by the auditors during their visit.

  • Due Diligence

    We can carry out a range of due diligence services including financial due diligence as well as due diligence project management and valuation comparisons.

  • Pre Audit

    As the audit process becomes increasingly structured and as auditors increasingly ask for the information for an audit being available in a standard format, we can prepare your pre-audit file documentation to ensure your audit proceeds smoothly and the time required from your staff is reduced.


Including financial audit, AVS audit, due diligence and pre-audit.

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Personal Taxation

  • Taxation compliance

    This service is targeted at the English speaking expatriate or other non-French speaking expatriate who needs to fill out a tax return and comply with the local Swiss regulatory requirements. We understand that if your language skills are limited it is a huge advantage if you can delegate this task to someone who can explain your obligations and minimise your taxation obligations.

  • Departure planning

    This service is for English speaking residents or other non-French speaking residents who need to optimise their personal taxation relating to departure from Switzerland. The departure process involves obtaining clearance from the Cantonal tax authorities and the Cantonal population office as well as preparing for the arrival in the new jurisdiction.

  • Disorganisation assistance

    If your personal affairs are disorganised – you don’t enjoy carrying out your own administration in another language; your administration is behind schedule; and reminders and notifications are building up then we can offer a disorganisation assistance service. We take over your administration and bring you up to date with your various filing and other obligations. We then provide ongoing assistance to keep you up to date and minimise your personal time spent on administration.

Personal Taxation

Including taxation compliance, taxation planning, departure documentation and disorganisation assistance.

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