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Message from our Founding Partner

Welcome to Dryden ICS!

As an international firm of Chartered Accountants we have been helping international companies to grow their business rapidly by providing accounting, payroll, corporate secretarial and taxation services in Switzerland for over 20 years.

Our team of qualified multi-lingual staff are knowledgeable not only about the Swiss jurisdiction but also other jurisdictions so that we can link up your local business requirements with your international corporate requirements.

We understand that sometimes business administration can be complicated but we like to explain it so you can proceed with confidence knowing the alternatives and the best solutions for you. If you want to know more or would like to have an introduction, do not hesitate to contact us

With our best wishes and looking forward to meeting in the future.

Our Team

Managing Partner

Nick Dryden

Nick Dryden is the founder and Managing Partner of Dryden ICS. Nick excels in helping international business clients with their personal and corporate taxation matters, as well as advising on the incorporation of new companies in Switzerland. Nick is not only a Swiss-British Chartered Accountant; he holds an MBA and is STEP-qualified, which highlights a diverse range of professional credentials.

Graham Paul

Graham has been a Partner in Dryden ICS since 2015. He specialises in corporate tax and accounting for both the private sector and not-for-profit sectors. Graham holds an LLB DipLP legal degree, he is qualified as a Chartered Accountant and is also STEP-certified. This, in turn, demonstrates a versatile skill set in addressing a variety of legal and accounting issues.
Company Secretary

Elly Dryden

Elly is the Company Secretary for Dryden Associates and Dryden ICS. She manages the accounting, the bookkeeping, payments and VAT matters. She also oversees various administrative tasks in the office and provides support in the decision-making process. Elly is fluent in multiple languages, including English, French, Dutch and German.
Accounting & Audit Manager

Leona Dryden

Leona joined us in 2021, as a manager, having worked for major multinational corporations in Switzerland and in the UK. She is both a Swiss and British qualified Chartered Accountant (ACCA). She provides expertise in accounting, auditing and financial planning & analysis. She also takes great delight in managing projects and coordinating events for the company.
Tax Manager

Fatima Boudali

Fatima joined Dryden ICS back in 2014 in the tax department, formerly with PwC. She specialises in delivering individual tax services to expatriates residing in the Canton of Geneva and Vaud. She has a deep knowledge of Swiss and international payroll obligations and tax related processes. She speaks French, English, and Arabic.
Assistant Manager

Saskia Martinez

Saskia became a part of Dryden ICS in April 2016, securing her Federal Certificate of Accountancy in the same year. She predominantly focuses on accounting and corporate tax mandates. She also plays a pivotal role in our payroll department, demonstrating effective communication skills. Originally from Locarno, she is fluent in Italian, French and English.
Senior Accountant

Sarah Muser

Sarah joined Dryden ICS in 2020. She manages multiple tasks, such as payroll, accounting and corporate taxation. She is the go-to person for any payroll inquiries, possessing a comprehensive understanding of the entire payroll process. She has a federal certificate of capacity as a commercial employee and she speaks English, French and Italian.
Billing & CRM Manager

Anne Owen

Anne joined Dryden ICS in 2019, bringing with her expertise as a CIMA qualified accountant. Her specialisation lies in management accounting and reporting, with a key responsibility for the billing. Anne oversees the costs associated with our business operations. She actively contributes on the marketing side too, by analysing market trends.

Allison Milla

Allison arrived at Dryden ICS in 2022, after obtaining her Bachelor in International Business Management. She is currently stuyding towards the Brevet Fédéral. She speaks fluently French, Spanish and English. She actively collaborates with the team on different tasks, making her a dedicated team player. Her focus areas include accounting, payroll and corporate & individual taxation.
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