Can I set up a company if I am not a resident of Switzerland?

You can set up a company if you are non-resident, the two primary forms are an SA or an Sàrl. However the company will have to have a Swiss resident Board Director or Manager and will need a registered office in Switzerland.

Do you run payroll services for smaller companies?

The smallest payroll service we run is for a company with just one employee.

Do all companies in Switzerland need to be audited?

Previous to 2008, all SAs required an audit. Now all companies above a minimal size require an audit. There are two sorts of audit – a limited audit and a full audit depending on the size of the company.

Does everyone speak english if I phone up?

All of our team speak English. Most speak several other languages as well.

Do I need a permit to come and work in Switzerland?

Yes you will need a permit to come and work in Switzerland which is issued by the local cantonal population office.

If I am employed as a frontalier worker in Geneva, do I need to complete a Swiss tax declaration?

You do not need to complete a tax declaration in Switzerland but you always have the option of doing so.

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